I love masks! There's something about a really fun mask that brings out hidden aspects of my personality. Wearing a mask like this one tempts me to do all sorts of crazy things. Like I might dance down Main Street wearing a matching green-feathered bikini. Or maybe I'll wade into the middle of a public fountain and belt out a verse of, "It's raining men!" Wait! I know! I'll assume a secret identity and become a crime-fighting super-heroine.

Okay, maybe I won't do any of those things for real. But the girls in my stories wouldn't hesitate. They do all the things I dream of doing. In addition to masks I love swords, magical lands, mysterious artifacts, evil sorcerers, life-changing adventures, and oh yeah...I love gorgeous men too. And I love writing stories about strong women who encounter-and conquer-all of them.

If fantasy fiction is your thing, come with me on an exciting journey where anything can happen...and something unexpected always does. Your adventure awaits!